G-code generator in rhino


(Edward) #1


I need someone who wants to help me to generate a g-code (by script or grasshopper or…) for a plasma cutter
directly in rhino.
I want to do nested sheets at once by select them by a window, the different (max 5) layers tells the “script” what to do with it.
adjust the kerf or offset
After that I want to change and or move the lead-ins and outs.
after that I want to do the cutting sequense, mostly by hand (selection)

I want to do it in rhino so I don’t have to switch to another program.
All the cnc-cams programs can do to much. (I want to keep it simple)

Offcourse I am willing to pay for it, I don’t want it for free.

Dutch speaking would be nice, so we can call and maybe understand each other correctly (better)

Thanks already

Job opportunity G-code generator
(Willem Derks) #2

Hi Edward,

I created a crosspost at the grasshopper and scripting category for more visibility.

groetjes en succes


Have you looked at a program called Rhinocam? Published by Mecsoft, Probably do most of what you needs

(Riccardo Majewski) #4

I’ve sent you a pm.

(Edward) #5

Yes I did, also Madcam.
But that software is mostly for milling-machines.
They can do a lot more than I need so a bit to complicated, also 1 part at a time and I need nested all different parts
I want a simple script just for plasma and a marking contour.

(Ebe) #6

Hy Edward,

Have you looked at Xylinus?

they have made a whole range of components for generating G-code.

Erik Beeren

(Edward) #7

I didn’t know this,
also because it is for 3d printing and that has to do a lot more than I need.
I only played a little with grasshopper so I need help is what I figured out.
I think you have to strip this plug in and that for me too much,
but thank you

(Ebe) #8

If you are looking for someone who can help you, Wout Zweers is doing these sort of jobs and very capable in using rhino for 3d printing.


Vriendelijke groet,

Erik Beeren