Can Rhino really be of any use in creating CNC toolpaths and outputting GCODE ( Mach3 ) ?!

Title says it all…

Autodesk Fusion360 fades as a hope. I keep hearing Rhino has a simple way to take my 3d models and create toolpaths for gcode output for my Mach3 CNC timber router… but it seems to be a unicorn.


You may want to have a look at this project using Grasshopper:

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Since you mention Fusion 360 and Mach3, and mention “simplicity”, I assume you want an existing solution rather than trying to code your own.

Try looking at RhinoCAM

Rhino itself doesn’t have anything for CNC. You need to find a plug-in (like RhinoCAM), a stand-alone software package, or maybe a script or Grasshopper based solution - some of which are developing gradually, but are not nearly as full-featured as a real CAM program.