Creating folder/sub folders sets

I’d like a script, I suppose, that would automatically create a folder containing three subfolders titled ‘CRV’, ‘SRF’ and ‘Tool’ and allow the first level folder to be titled with whatever component I’m creating.

Is that a python thing? Would it be complicated? Anyone?

I have something similar but written with AppleScript. This is an OS thing not a Rhino function.

Let me see if I can make it work for you.

Create folders for (2.2 KB)

I had to zip it. I can’t upload AppleScript files.


Thanks Randy! I’m not sure how to incorporate this into Rhino however. AM I to call out the script while in the layers panel? Would it reside in the little gear icon of the rc button?

this has nothing to do with Rhino.

If you double click the file, unzipped, it launches the Apple Script Editor.

Hit the run (play) button up on the left, follow the prompts.

Give it a try outside of Rhino and see if it does what you want.

Sweet! But how do I make that work in the layers panel for rhino?:confused:

It sounded like you wanted folders in Finder. I didn’t see any mention of doing this with layers in Rhino. Yes, you need a python script to do this inside Rhino.

Run this in Atom like all Python scripts … (243 Bytes)

I’ll get on it right away.

I run it in atom and output a script to my library folder. Correct?

Then if that option would show up in the RC drop down I’m - well I rule!