Creating extruded text that wraps around & conforms to an irregular cylindrical object

I’m in the beginning stages of designing a water bottle and one of the elements of the bottle is the name of the water (which won’t be shown on a paper label but will appear) wrapping around and conforming to the surface and extruding outward approximately 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch.

What is the best way to accomplish this procedure? And is it possible to set this up so that I can change the lettering / font style and move the type from side to side and up and down if necessary?

In advance, thank you for your assistance with this.

Hi Steve
I think the best way to warp an extruded text around you model is with FlowAlongSrf command.
you can build an extruded text with the font you want and the content you want and then flow the text around the model.

Thanks for your help with this, rramot. Much appreciated.

I was wondering if you guys can help me too.
I tried the flowalongsrf command but I couldn’t get it to work. Here is a screen shot of what I am trying to do.

Hi @Paul_Dermenjian
Where is your base surface? You should unroll the surface you want to apply the letters to. Here is a file I just did so you can reference.

FlowAlongSrf_Sample.3dm (3.2 MB)

Edit: The sample on the Double Curved surface can give unexpected results since Unroll doesn’t work on those types of surfaces. You have to use Smash. But quite often you can get the look you want out of it.

Is there a way to fold it back? and could i extrude it from there?

I would make any old rectangular plane as the base surface, and Flow with History, and initially only the curves. Then monkey with the base surface size, and even shape (changeDegree) to adjust the text on the target surface - with only curves it will be reasonably respsonsive. When it looks good as curves, Flow the 3d text from the modified base surface and it will line up the same way.