Creating elevations, plans and sections on layout only

I haven’t actually used VisualARQ but it looks very interesting.
I have been watching several videoclips from the VA website and I couldn’t get a clear answer. I was wondering if it’s possible to create elevations, plans and sections on a layout without creating 2d views in modelspace. So you can keep a ‘clean’ modelspace.

Hi @ME_Mark,

Currently it is possible to create a detail view on a layout and show an elevation or a plan view (realtime with section hatches, etc), without creating any special object in the model space. What is currently not possible is to do the same for section views, but this is in our todo list and will be implemented sooner or later.



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Thanks Enric,

That’s clear now.

Hi @ME_Mark I open this old thread to let you know that with VisualARQ 2 you can do that. The Level Manager and Section Manager lets you show the model in plan and section view in each viewport or Layout Detail, and print that view directly to vector output (using the Hidden display mode) with no need to generate additional 2D geometry. This video explains in detail how it works:


Nice! Thank you for informing me.