Creating C++ plugin

Wanting to learn how to make a plugin for Rhino using the following link:

It uses Visual Studio 2017
Regrettably VS 2017 is not downloadable anymore, so I cannot install the Rhino SDK … :frowning:
Can someone please help me get started.


You should be able to download vs2017 here:

:slight_smile::+1: thx

I use VS2019. I am not able to install the Rhino C++ SDK. Is there a way to just get the include files, binaries and whatever else is necessary to set things up manually without installing VS2017?

Hi @rnjthmhnkl,

Not that I know of - sorry.

– Dale

I installed VS2017, installed Rhino C++ SDK, Created a project for my plugin and I am now able to work on this project in VS2019 after changing a few project settings.
I uninstalled VS2017 after this.