Creating an odd shape like

The black buckler here is an pyramid with an oval base and circular top where the top has been crushed in 4 feet.

Would there be a simple way to create such a surface in rhino?

If you are talking about the canvas / rubber ?? black area, my answer would be no. I would do that with T-Splines on Windows Rhino.

If I was to do it in straight Rhino on Mac I would do it one of two ways.

  1. Make an open cylinder shape and point edit it.

  2. Build sections separately with sweeps maybe and then blend section together.

Both would take some time.

for one I would extrude a circle to get a cylinder extrusion. Then ConvertExtrusion to turn it into a surface and then rebuild surface points.

Scaled with gumball …

Manual manipulation of points …


That kind of part (seal between the barrel cannon and gun carriage, or shift lever car, oppre joystick control etc.) I made several times. In addition to the method indicated by @rhinorudi (that sometimes replace it with the “cage” command I would advise to try to move the points, as well as with the gumball with the commands shown in the screenshot attached. Note that need 3 points on axis to maintain continuity curve G3

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will work on it.

Another way


For now I’ve kept the shape changes subtle. I should have a different shape for each gun but I’ll probably live with that.



Excellent strategy. Nice! :+1: