Creating a tool bar for mostly used commands - in mac

is there a way to do it like you have in rhino for windows?

Not really. Here is what you can do.

ok. Thank you very much.
I can add it to the default commands or just replace it?

As far as I know, you cannot modify the default palette. You have to make a copy, which you can then modify as you like.

Thank you very much!

With Rhino 6 being the latest Mac version, the Wiki needs some updating. I was aiming to add a Keyshot Render button and stumbled into this rabbit hole. Best I can tell:

You CAN add custom commands by populating the script field with syntax like “! _YourCommandNameHere”, but there’s apparently no way to add a custom icon. Hitting the “+” on the bottommost left pane, an Untitled Icon appears with a generic [?] icon.

Following the Wiki closely, I only get a brand new (Custom) palette entirely replacing Rhino’s default Tools palette (upper left).

Fumbling around, I figured if I’m already working on a duplicated copy of the Default Toolbar, I can augment the Primary Palette named “Main + Standard”. Here I’m able to add my “! _KeyShot9Render” addition. In the same vein, I suppose I can directly modify the standard Render icon and change the script where it normally says “! _Render”.

Changes show up after closing off any open 3DM model document (but don’t have to relaunch Rhino Mac).

If things have not changed since Rhino 5 for Mac, you can simply drag any image and drop it on the ‘?’ to create a personalized icon.


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I tried right-clicking, double-clicking to no avail. A tiny voice suggested maybe it’ll drag & drop but there were no guidelines in the dialog hinting at the acceptable size or format (JPG, PNG, ICO, etc) so I didn’t bother going through the steps of finding an image, scaling, coloring background, etc.

This morning, your suggestion had me doing exactly that. Made a 250 square pixel image, populated the background with RGB values of 46 and saved it as a PNG. Dragged it into the bottom right pane icon holder and it took!

I suppose the next fine-tuning step is to make a PNG version stripping out the gray background for a translucent one.

Thanks again