Creating a surface Model from a Wireframe Model


I am trying to convert this wireframe Model into a surface Model, unfortunately without much success. I tried to use the surface from planar curves command, However not getting a clean result.

any idea how to solve this! Thanks :slight_smile:

LoD2.3dm (2.6 MB)

You can use PlanarSrf command for making s urface out of most curves. Not all are planar so it won’t work everywhere unless you maybe change the document tolerance.

Thanks for the reply, any idea for an alternative for the file I attached?

why would you have only wires? i am sure there should be some sort of input geometry, i assume a mesh which these curves where taken from. also if you select all the curves at once and use the command as siemen suggested to you have most of it done, a 10 minute clean up will finish the job.

unfortunatly this how I recieved it and can’t get a one with mesh. Thanks for ur suggestion this is exactly what I’m doing just thought may be there is a smarter alternative which I didnt know about :slight_smile:

unfortunately not but its not very far from the finish line so spit in your hands and get going. :smiley:

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will do :slight_smile:

Here’s quick script that meshes the curves (as closed and simplified polylines) as one mesh: (148.0 KB)
LoD2_WithBakedMesh.3dm (3.4 MB)

I included the baked mesh in the Rhino file.


oh Great, Thanks Anders :slight_smile:

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