Creating a smooth surface transition

Hi Rhino experts

I am new to Rhino.

I am working on a medical device project in which I need to connect multiple rings together by a number of connectors. For simplicity, I have demonstrated the problem I am currently facing below

At the interface of the ring and the connectors, there is a mismatch in surface contour which I would like to smooth out. I tried “matchsrf” but does not work. Would you mind providing some suggestions on how I can connect the two surfaces together with a smooth transition. Or how can I get the curvature from the ring and use that to extrude the connectors?

Thank you very much!

Hello - it looks to me like you would probably want to trim out a cylinder for this - does the connecter shape just continue the cylindrical face, in theory?
Like so?


Dear Pascal Golay

Thank you for your quick response!

Unfortunately, the geometry is more complicated than the one I shown.

I cannot show the actual geometry here due to sensitve information. Hence, I showed the ring and connector in their very simple form.

I have attached a link to an Open Access article that shows what I am trying to model.

The article only shows how the medical device look like in an ideal senario. For my project, I have the actual geometry in which rings and connectors are non-uniformly spaced and hence the complexity.

Thank you very much again!

Hello- you can send confidential files directly to, to my attention, if that works for you. In any case, I am pretty sure I see what to do - if you can’t send us the file, make something up that has the same general features - saving me the trouble of trying to guess what is important and likely getting it wrong - and send that.


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