Creating a simple line pattern

I want to create a pattern like the image attached. The idea is that i can change the lenght of the lines( there are only two different lines), the distance in the x direction and the distance in the y direction. Allso the amount of lines in the x and the amount of lines in the y direction.
It must be really simple and i tried some tutorials to get the hang of it but failed to get this done.I am totally new to grasshopper and tehrefore i thought this would be a good little project to learn.

I do not need the full script. Just tell me how so that i can learn.

Kind regards, René

Is this for creating kerf bends with a lasercutter?

If so, have you had a look at these?

But I think it’s a fairly easy thing to get started with learning grasshopper. Just try using the same techniques as if you were to use just rhino. Create a line and copy that line in different directions by using move and/or array. Instead of using fixed numbers like you would in Rhino you connect a slider to the input, so you can play around with the distances in a quick way.

Yes, it is for making kerf patterns.I have made an array of lines in grasshopper now with ractangualr array but this asks for an input of rectangular array cell. What is that?

It’s easier when you post a file.
The array rectangular component works the same way as “Array” in Rhino. It asks for a rectangle which basically defines the distance between each object in x- and y-direction. So you need to create a rectangle and input the distance between each object in the x and y input of the rectangle component.

Yeah. You are right. I found out allready that i had to use a rectangle. Now it is only a matter of making two of these patterns and make them shift
I got a start now. Thanks! Very interesting piece of software, grasshopper.

Great. I prefer you finding out over me making the file for you, since you learn more this way. You can always post your file here if you’re stuck or finished, so somebody can have a look at it or give advice on improving the definition, if necessary.

I got it made!. Looking back you allways think very stupid because it looks very logic once you got it right. And you are right. Learning by trying.
One little question. I have the pattern now. How do i make real lines that i can save as .dxf for the lasercutter? Do i bake the last rectangular array block or all the blocks?

Right click on the “G” of that last Array Rectangular component and bake onto a layer. In case you would like to bake geometry from different components at once I suggest creating a “Geometry” component and connect the output of the component you would like to bake in there. Then you can right click on that geometry component and Bake and it will bake all the geometry that comes into the component.