Grashopper curve through points

I try to make a curve through a set of points. Unfortunately, I get vertical lines instead of 1 curve. Anyone any idea how I can make it 1 curve?

difficult to say without a Grasshopper file

In the future you can paste the files directly here no need to wetransfer

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2021-03-31 11_00_30-Grashopper curve through points - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum
I’m scared.

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You need to sort the points and that works best when all section curves are in the same direction

Check the file (31.8 KB)

I flipped some of the curves so all curve planes Z vectors point in the same direction.

Then took all start points and made a curve, same for end points. Connected both and then sorted all points along that curve. Can be streamlined of course but that’s a start