Creating a precise sized female thread

What would be the easiest way to create a precise female thread to fit a 10mm Allen socket head capscrew with the total length of 45mm to go into the hole of my design?

try with the boltgen plugin:

thank you when I have the option to select the screw diameter - thread in the pop-up box I have attached below…

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 11.32.33 am

What size do I select for a 10mm Allen bolt and do you know what measurement system is being used (sorry about all the questions).

you have to choose metric system first. then you choose diameter and thread as described in the top right corner of that window, then you can choose the head type and use it later to make a boolean difference to make the nut or female thread

Also you can use this page to download standard objects like bolts and nuts in many 3d formats:

Okay great, so if I have an M10 bolt with a pitch size of 1.25mm what metric system would I select for the female bolt thread to fit accurately?

make the boolean difference. if you want a gap between male and female threads, read the manual about Thread-Cutter Scaler.

Great the manual is not loading on my end when I run the command for the manual any idea why?

How is this going to be made? Why do you need a model of the precise thread?

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It will be machined and because I plan on using a 10mm thread brought from ebay to thread into the base of this model

Well, if it will be machined, normally all you need is an indication of the hole placement and a specification for the M10 thread. Anyone machining it will know that it has to be drilled Ø8.5mm then tapped with an M10 tap.

The only real use for modeling threads accurately in 3D might be to 3D print them.

That’s great thank you I assumed I would pre thread the bolt and that would be machined

Yeah you don’t machine threads (well except for certain oddball cases) by making them in 3D and then CNCing that using a minute bit to trace over it, you spec what you want and they use a tap. You could provide the right size pilot hole but the machinist will probably ignore that, probably laugh at you behind your back.

Unless, of course, the intent is to manually tap it after CNC’ing the basics.

But they’ll be sure to tell you you picked the wrong hole size.