Creating a pattern of irregular hexagons of varying size


I want to create a pattern that resembles the surface of bubbles. So I need to make a pattern of hexagons of varying size and irregular shape… I have this code that use noise to make an irregular hexagonal grid, but I need to make the individual hexagons vary in size. Could anyone help me to do this ?


[ (14.9 KB) ](http://)

Just use voronoy here. The soap-bubble surface doesnt have to be hexagons, it’s a minimal surface problem after all and it matches one of the more common models to generate such patterns in the first place.
You can also get all hexagons if that’s what you need, you just have to start with the centers of a regular hex grid and limit the ammount of noise applied to each point.

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Thanks Andrei!

Voronoy is a great command. It is hexagons that I want though, I’m sorry but I don’t completely understand your comment about this part… do you mean to start with regular hex grid and apply voronoy? Could you maybe just explain you solution a little more? I’m new on GH so not totally into the mindset of it yet.