Creating a mesh from network of points

I never thought this would be complecated but some reason I cannot create a mesh from the point I have mapped. The information stored in the csv file represent the depth of a layer of the earth’s crust and I am trying to link all these points with polylines.

I was hoping to achieve that by using the Delaunay mesh component and then extracting the mesh edges. Unfortunately every kind of mesh I try creating fails. Supposedly I don’t have a minimum of 3 different points when technically the component is showing me that I have 7080 vertices. I don’t quite understand where I am going wrong with this.

Attached are my definitions and csv file: (106.6 KB)

You are creating a list for every coordinate after the text split component, give Flatten to every output of the List Item component, give Flatten to the input of the delunay, and use the pattern to filter all the X and Y coordinates (15.4 KB)

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Thanks a lot Antonio, that sorted out the whole definition.

And alowed me to finish waht I was trying to do, which was displaying all the connections between points!

I only have one question regards to the flatten? as I have a lot of information in the Longitude, latitude and depth is there a quicker way to flatten all these number? My computer struggles to flatten them.

Well, the reason for the flattening is because the definition is grafting the outputs after the Text Split component, ideally you only want to use flatten one time.
For reducing the amount of times you use flattening you could change the order of operations, instead of filtering the 3 coordinates is better to filter the point list only one time, and then you have a only 1 list to give flattening instead of 3. (8.0 KB)