Creating a Figure-eight / infinite path

Hi guys,

Im trying to create a smooth figure - eight or infinite path in grasshopper. Iv managed to create the general idea of what I’m after in rhino (although not particularly smoothly).I have been trying to figure this out in grasshopper for easier manipulation/ control over the geometry, but at the moment I’m struggling even making the original figure of 8 curve to begin with. Do any of you fine people have an idea on how i would go about recreating this in grasshopper in a way that would give me control over the elevations, as well as the radius / size of the path?

I have attached some images of my janky rhino path and also my current grasshopper script, but to be honest i think my grasshopper script probably just needs to be ditched as i think iv just got off on the completely wrong foot for this

Infinite (23.9 KB)

It’s no surprise your curve didn’t work, given the sequence of points:

Why so far from the origin?

the trick is to calculate the points i
n the grid above

here’s a script that should get you started
inf loop (12.9 KB)
in the script i used a simple interpolated curve, but you can do it with arcs

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The trick is getting your points in the correct sequence. Their Z positions can wait.

Infinite (10.3 KB)


Ah Clearly i did not do the fantastic job of ordering the points like i thought i had hahaha

This is how i thought i had ordered them

Looking at the script now though i think my mistake was thinking they stayed in that order after putting them through the move component, which now seems rather silly of me and would like to have thought id know better.

As for the distance from the origin, thats just because i was playing around with some other designs for something so this was off to the side.

Cheers for your help, hopefully this will have me on a better track now!

Ah thankyou, also would have helped if i had used the interpolated curve over the nurbs curve aswell haha. Defiantly got me more on the right track here i think

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cheers for that mate! this should get me where i should have been in the first place! appreciate that!