Creating a false color plot from topological surface

Hi Everyone,

I’m a very new user to Rhino. I’m attempting to make a false color plot from a topological surface. The objects are two yeast cells with topographical information derived from light interference.

I’ve been searching through the forums and help documentation for a few days now with no luck. I came across the GradientView command but could’t really get it to work.

If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Luke
    University of British Columbia

rhino yeast trace.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi Luke - Do you mean height info, by color?


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This will probably help:


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Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the help, this is exactly what I’m looking for. What tools did you use to make this work?

  • Luke

Hi Luke - try this:

Select your objects and with the Front or Right view active, look in Propertries > Mapping page. There, set PlanarMapping>BoundingBox >CPlane> Mapping channel 1.

Then apply a texture of some kind to the object material - I used a two-color gradient texture, but you may have an image that has the correct colors for your height range.

The mapping plane can be adjusted so that the gradient falls at the correct elevations,

Set the viewport to rendered mode, or use SetObjectDisplayMode
rhino yeast trace_PG.3dm (605.2 KB)



Thank you Pascal you’ve been most helpful!

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Looks good!


Hello Luke,
Very nice work!
I have a matter about the above picture.
How do you add the color slip(Height) on the right of the picture?