Colour Gradient on 3D Surface/Mesh base on point name

Hi all,

This is my first posting here, had been here for quite some time to search for solutions every now and then.

Have a question, what is the best way to colour gradient on 3D surface/mesh according to point name?
I have tried few things and closest that I can get to my goal is by using Grasshopper.
Since I am not a developer, script writer and just play around Grasshopper for few days, so my knowledge in Grasshopper is very limited.

If i can separate the processes into steps, it will be like this :
A) Select 3D surface/mesh from Rhino
B) Select points (points will be individually named) from Rhino
C) Colour gradient will be plotted on the 3D surface/mesh based on points name

Anybody can help in giving me pointers/hint/solutions to this?
I have attached a sample file of the geometry and points with name which I am using to learn this.

Many thanks,

p/s : I have a bit of background on C++, VB and Python but all is self taught and Im still learning

Sample_Excercise.3dm (47.1 KB)

Hello - I guess I’d start by getting a mesh of the box to a pretty fine mesh and assign vertex colors to the mesh according to some interpolation, linear most likely, of distance from neighboring points.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for this, will look into it.