Creating a curve that rotates around another curve


I am trying to make a rotating truss which is made up of three curves that rotates around a main curve. I started with a interpolate curve, made from 5 different points (main curve). The curve is divided into multiple point which has Circle CNR around it. On these circles there are three points which rotate around the circles according to a sine graph. These points are connecting with the use of a closed polyline. This works nice but I cannot find a way to connect the points to create the rotating curves (see image). Can anyone help me with this? I would really appreciate it!
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twisted truss test (58.4 KB)


Try Flip Matrix, then Polyline.


There are a few weird things in your definition…

The initial domain is -1 to 1 but then is put into Graph Mapper from [0,1] to [0,1].
Seam is meant to recieve a parameter as input, not an angle and especially not in degrees. You could rotate the circle instead…

twisted truss test (58.5 KB)


Thank you so much. It works really well!
I am new to Grasshopper so thanks for pointing out the weird things :slight_smile: