Creating a curve between to points, starting with a tangent to another curve (for a Motion Simulation)


I’m working on a motion simulation of an openable flexible glass. I want to approximately show how the glass bends depending on a few parameters.

I have managed to put the geometry in grasshopper and a put in place the parameters I want to manipulate as sliders. What I’m struggling with is the bending line of the glass. I want it to start tangential at the fixation point and then bend according to the lever position. As this is primarily for visualization purposes so this does not have to be a 100% mechanically accurate.

I hope someone can give me a hint on how to integrate such a curve into my model. As I’m relatively new to grasshopper please excuse my existing gh file, it might be really cumbersome and unwieldy :wink:

Thank you

Here I’ve sketch what the final visualization should look like

Thats the lines and Points in Rhino, I have so far (14.0 KB) Bewegungsstudie.3dm (31.1 KB)

You can do this with the Bend Deform component.

Depends a little bit on what parameters you’re interested in.

I guess the critical parameters are the radius at which you will bend the glass and you want to know the distance of the opening it creates.

The Bend Deform component requires an arc and of course there are again many ways to do this… (33.3 KB)

Thank you, I could workout a solution with your grasshopper file, that worked exactly the way I wanted.

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