Create surface between two circular curves following the path of points between the curves

I am creating a geometry based on a point cloud that is constricted by two closed curves. The surface needs to start from one curve and end at the second curve while being guided by the point cloud in between.

I have previously used the patch function, but sometimes I get problems with the geometry as it makes gaps between the line and the surface and I have to do some manual work.

I want to be able to use grasshopper as I am streaming some CSV-files and I want the surface generation to be as automatic as possible.

CSV-files I stream is: the point cloud, the upper curve and lower curve. The upper and lower curves are created as polylines.

Attached are some photos. Is it a way to create a surface that does not create gaps between the curves?


Method which will match the edge curves: Not Grasshopper though.

Loft a surface between the edge curves

Use RebuildUV to rebuild the surface in the appropriate direct with a suitable number of control points between the edges. Direction to rebuild will probably be the U direction. .

Patch selecting the points as the input and the surface created as the Starting Surface and Preserve Edges checked.

If the result is not satisfactory modify the number of control points of the surface using RebuildUV. Then use Patch again with the modified surface as the Starting Surface.

To minimize deviatin from the edge curves when using Patch without a starting suface decrease the distance for points along curves to increase the number of points on the curves, and increase the number of control points in the appropriate direction.

Thank you for the reply.
This worked exactly as I wanted!

Is there also a possibility to morph by dragging the surface after creating the surface?
Some parts become very wavy, would be nice to then be able to locally modify parts of the surface to straighten it.

See figure.

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