Created MOSAIC

My GAWD! Perfect! Bless you Laurent! You are a true maestro !!!

How can I bake the surface with the coloured surface on ?

Thank you very much!

You have just to right click then click on bake. you must put the mouse on the icon of the custom preview component.

Hello Pavel M
Can you send your email

Hi Pavel
I like test the plugin Artificial Mosaic Creator, can you please publish it.
If you dont have where is possible get it


Some of the people on this forum have access to the “Artifical Mosaic Created” plugin that you can share with people who are interested in testing
Thank you

These links still work :point_down:

Hello Will
This is the “Artifical Mosaic Created” plugin?
Thank you for your support and i’m sorry for what happened

Looks like the “Artificial Mosaic Creator” is available as a .jar applet at the bottom of the link that Pavel posted (see my updated post above).