Created MOSAIC

I have more information about the script need to do the MOSAIC




Hello Ruben,
your multiple posts lower the quality of the initial question. So try to avoid multiple posting as it looks like spamming.
Meanwhile there are some good papers on this subjects and many strategies. The first ans simpliest one is Voronoi !!!

It is important that you explain what are the constrains, number of sides, free space allowed , minimum maximum area …

This is what the script need to do it

Sem vírus.

MOSAIC.pdf (860 KB)

Clipper library with multiple offsets and divisions will do the job here

Thank you for your email and information the point is this offsett is standart with the some dimension, in the presentation I send you is diferentes dimension offset and diferente geometry of elements, you have some ideia to improved it.

Sem vírus.

MOSAIC.pdf (860 KB)

I don’t know if somebody asked Ruben, but yes @Petras_Vestartas Clipper is doing the job but it is not enough (to my point of view).
I did make something not very far from the need
Take an image, for example Marilyn Monroe, by Andy Warhol

Draw some curves on it

Make some transformations
See this page


@laurent_delrieu your script is amazing!! I’ve tried many mosaics algorithms in the past, but this is remarkable!

Would you, by any chance, still have this wonderfull script?

Yes I still have it is not so simple but you will have to follow the flow because they are many Dam Looping is also used

You will need Clipper plugin, 4d noise … (201.9 KB)


Thank you very much!

At a first glance it resembles Dr. Di Blasi algorithm on creating such mosaics.

Very nice work! thank you again! I will try to extend your work to create opus tesselatum or musivum like patterns.

Cool to see a specialist, I like old mosaics but neither search for their slyles, mames …
If you want it is also possible to make some rectangles

I used a Voronoi tessellation, then each Voronoi polygon is transformed in rectangle using one of my program to search for maximum inscribed rectangle

The only problem is that the script is awfully long !!!
Updated, faster version, with other version for inscribed rectangle 4 s vs more than 2 minutes. (560.3 KB)
With n=1, cubes are aligned and it is the fastest. (559.9 KB)

Some other Iconic picture from Steve Mc Curry

And a very simplified script (1.5 MB)


You are true maestro!!

Here is a comparison picture with Di Blasi work and i must say that your script does the job far better.!

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Dear Laurent

Is possble get the mosaic more details with the shape of the picture?

Is posssible get another shape of the mosaic and not only squares?

Best reagrds


Hello Ruben,
there are many possibilities, I already plublished script with things different from rectangle (square is just a special case of square).
In general if someone wants a single shape it will be best to use a nesting program. At the moment for Free one of the best is OpenNest

The only problem of OpenNest is that it doesn’t follow guides curves. But if you deconstruct the image it must work.

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Hello Pavel

Can you send to me the software Artifical Mosaic Creator to tests with my pictures.


Here is a way using circle packing in Kangaroo and curve guides. All squares have the same size.

Orienting squares with the curves

Orienting with Voronoi polygon


@laurent_delrieu you are the best!!!
@ruben here is the link with software and papers

My problem now is how can i assign numbers to the square/tiles based on that color to make manual installation sheets. Something like Paint-by-Number.


Hello here is a little script that puts number instead of color.

color (707.8 KB)