Create Unique Block - a possibility? or a wish?

Often I have a repeated piece of geometry, say a piece of a building facade, and I need to duplicate it with the same base point as a unique block.

The problem I run into is that I can explode the block and then create a new block, but I don’t remember where to place the base point. This is a problem because I need to be able to swap out the blocks with the “replaceblock” command.

I tried inserting the block I wanted to create a unique version of and utilized the same insert point when creating the second version of the block, but something was very wrong when I tried “replace block”. Maybe something to do with the CPlane, but I don’t remember what CPlane I was in when I created the first block. So, is there a better way?

Hi Tyler - ExtractPt on a block instance will place a point at the insertion point.


Thanks, this works, but because I have been changing the CPlane I can’t get them to be the same so I can swap them out.

wait, it worked when I changed the CPlane to world “top” before inserting the block from the list, extracting the point, exploding it, and redefining it.

This seems to work, but im not sure if I created the original block in the world “top” view and if I had created it in another Cplane this would have worked.