Blocks: Changing and identifying base points!

I will use more blocks to add detail and save space. So I created this beam and copypasted that all over. It appears I have set 3 parts of the block to different layers. I exploded the block, changed layers and saved is at the same block. It then asked me for the basepoint but I cant remember where. Also when the amount of blocks is growing, remembering exactly where you place your basepoint becomes impossible, especially if you work work on someone elses file or there is long time in between sessions. So is there not a way to identify where a blocks base point is at or perhaps put it in the same place?


If you have a block instance, and you have a rough idea where the base point might be, set a persistent Point osnap and start the Point command. Move your pointer around in the area where you think the base point might be and the Point Osnap will find it.

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The easiest would be to insert a new instance of that block, and then use 0,0,0 as location.
Then you can edit that new block by double click, and move all parts around to suit the 0,0,0 insert point, close the block-edit and insert as many instances as you need.

Turning on controlpoints for a block should turn on the insertion point.

Also know that editing a distorted block is not possible, if you need that then use the same workflow, insert a new instance and edit that one, then close the edit and delete it.

Hi Goran - If you turn on points for a block instance, or ExtractPt it will be the insertion point.


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