Create spline surface

Hello friends
I wanted help with drawing a spline surface according to the formula.
Unfortunately, I could not find a suitable educational video in this field.
Is there anyone to guide me in the field?


you need to specify what you exactly want. Tell us what you like to do, and people can better guide you.
Which type of spline surface you want? Nurbs, B-Spline, Bezier, Lagrange, Newton-interpolated …? What would you like to input? Most types of splines are represented by parametric equations. For Nurbs you specify a combo of parameters, control points, weights and the so-called ‘knot vector’.

But you can also reverse these algorithms to use points on the surface, yielding control points in return. The default algorithm for Nurbs is called ‘DeBoor’, for Bézier you could look at ‘deCasteljau’. If you want to create a surface patch out of boundary curves, have a look at the so called ‘Coons’ patch…

But be aware, this is higher math! For average people, quite challenging to understand… It’s not like the stuff you learn in high school. But you can always turn a simple equation, like a parabola, into a polygonal surface represented by a mesh (In case this what you are after).
Also fitting a Nurbs surface to a set of points is a huge topic. So-called approximation, using Linear Least Square / Recursive algorithms. So you can always try to move an existing surface to a set of points.

There was a discussion a while back on understanding the basics of bezier curves with some links and examples you might find useful: