Create single-line font

I would like to refer to RHINO’s SLF-RHN Architect .ttf font file to make a single-line font. But when I use fontforge to import the SLF-RHN Architect.ttf file and copy the text to the new ttf file, the font displayed in Rhino becomes black color patch, how can I do it to display the outline instead of black blocks like Rhino7’s SLF-RHN Architect.ttf single line characters?

Hi -

Please note that the SLF-RHN Architect font is a licensed font and that you’ll have to contact the author ( Rhino3D Fonts – Single Line Fonts) for permission to copy this.

You can’t. It’s very hard to detect single line fonts heuristically by looking at individual glyphs. Because of that, we maintain a hard-coded list of fonts that Rhino treats as single stroke.

Thank you for your answer! In fact, I wasn’t trying to copy the ‘SLF-RHN Architect’ font, but rather to test why the font would work as a single line in Rhino7, and of course I immediately realized that I couldn’t change the font to display it as a single line in Rhino7.

And thank you for the interpretation, I may have to find other ways to generate single-line font in Rhino7.