Create shell with nonuniform thicknesses

Hello friends, I am working on a 3D geometry of an artery and I want to create a shell for its walls. Naturally, some parts of the shell should be thinner. How can I create a shell with different thicknesses in different areas of this artery?

Hi Alireza - I think you’ll need to create both surfaces independently - I guess you may be able to start the ‘other’ surface from the first by offsetting with the Loose=Yes option, or possibly Rebuild the offset, and then manipulate the surface points to match your data.
Hard to say without an example…


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If you do not need high accuracy, MultiPipe command is the fastest way to make inner surface. Making outer surface is more difficult - you have to offset closed curves which represent cross-sections and loft the curves.

Thank you for your response dear friend, but I am still confused and don’t know what to do. Consider the shape I sent as an ideal example. Suppose I want all the geometry to have a solid thickness of 2 millimeters perpendicular to the y-axis, but at the same time, I want the thickness around the drawn circle to be less, i.e. 1.5 millimeters. Can you give me a solution?

And I should note that I have only stl from main geometry.
And need a stp file for shell

I guess the only way to do that right now would be to shell the different wall thickness parts independently, then merge them together and manually edit/manage the transition areas.

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Your suggestion is correct, but what command do you recommend using?