Create Set / Tree Structure Problem

This should be a trivial problem, but I’m trying to solve it for the second day and finally decided to ask for help.

This is just an example definition to present my problem clearly.
I have 3 corresponding lists: animal, color, level

What I’m trying to achieve is to organize data in a multi-layer tree structure where the first layer is animal (dog, bird, cat), the second layer is subbranches (animals further sorted by their color) and third level is given animals in a given color at certain levels.

In other words, I would like to have a separate sub-list of e.g. brown dogs at level 01, brown dogs at level 00, black dogs at level 00, white cats at level 01, etc.

Graph showing what tree structure I try to achieve.

Unfortunately, I can’t go past the first stage of sorting! I can only separate animals by species.

In the white group of my definition is what goes as expected and the red one is giving me the wrong results.


Can somebody please show me how I can further divide my tree structure? Create set method is giving me the wrong results. I ran out of ideas how to proceed.


This is a classic error with data trees, you are feeding a component with different structures.

There are several workarounds described in this thread

Problem with data matching.

I used a solution with Trim Tree and Unflatten Tree, which is plugin-free.
I also added Sort Text on the sets, so that in each secondary and tertiary branch, the items are sorted in the same order. This is quite a mess !

I’ve also made a completely different approach, building the address of the branch from matching sets. This is in my option slightly better as a result, as it will get you the same branch number, for each level, whatever collection you actually have. Empty branches are skipped.

A preview of what is waiting for you :sweat_smile:



Thank you very much, it’s working! :slight_smile:
The sad part is that I would never come up with this by myself. I think that it’s a bit challenging for an as common task like this. I guess I need to study the basics more carefully.

Don’t be sad, this is not an easy problem and having to deal with three-leveled trees is definitely not that common. Also it could be shorter with some plugins (Elefront for instance) or direct code if you are familiar with it.

The lesson is : double-triple check your tree levels when Grasshopper doesn’t work as intended !

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This thing should be easier in Grasshopper 1.0 and in GH2. I hope it will be addressed by some more compact, native components.

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Recently I had this exact problem for months that I finally managed to solve.
I was trying to create sets of similar values inside different trees.
This strategy give you the chance to create sets on sets.

Creating sets on sets

I hope this help you too

create sets on (10.8 KB)