Create Room By Point in Grasshopper

Hey everyone,

What i want to do is, I have a CAD file in which there are room tags as blocks. I am gonna use their locations to create Rooms in Revit and give its attributes as parameters. I have seen a similar topic in which someone asked whether if we are able to create rooms in grasshopper or not. There havent been any improvements since then.
My question is when will we be able to create Rooms using Grasshopper?

that RIR component is not available OOTB yet. in the mean time you could create your own custom c# node
as shown and as attached here … this should get you started …with x,y as input. you would need to make sure each x,y is within the room. and add the correct assemblies. this was in Revit 2020 (6.2 KB)

Hey @msgambelluri,

Thanks for taking time to create the script. I had a problem with the location of points. I don’t know why but looks like i have to divide x and y coordinate values with 30 or 40 to get the points on the right spot. Is that a unit issue? Because when I don’t do it, points get located way out of their intended locations.

Thanks for your help.

Ahh yes. Revit API internal Units is Decimal Feet
so you would need to convert them before the input ports OR you could modify the code.
Does this help?

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Thanks Marcello,
I divided it with 30.48 since i work in centimeters and it works just fine.

I’m trying to create a room with your node and Grasshopper hangs. I’m using Revit 2022.

  1. Error (CS0246): No se puede encontrar el tipo o el nombre de espacio de nombres ‘Autodesk’ (¿falta una directiva using o una referencia de ensamblado?) (line 14)

Thank you

There is a python script by Mucahitbgoker for placing rooms available here.


With latest daily build, Add Room native component is added.