How to generate rooms in grasshopper?

Is there a possibility to generate rooms with grasshopper, out of a room-book (e.g. out of a text-file, or .csv, or excel,…)?
It is simple to get a surrounding geometry (with square-meter out of the room-book), but I would like to write all the informations in existing and some new parameters of the room.

Following thread might help. Thanks to @msgambelluri :point_down:


Thank you!
works fine!
next step will be the parameters…

Great! I recommend using Data Extraction if you have Tag Blocks that have attributes in AutoCAD. This way you can export X,Y Positions of rooms as well as their attributes as Excel file and use that to generate rooms with corresponding parameters.

I am only able to set the number and the name of the room:

var doc = RhinoInside.Revit.Revit.ActiveDBDocument;
var trans = new Autodesk.Revit.DB.Transaction(doc, "createRoom");

Autodesk.Revit.DB.Architecture.Room newRoom = doc.Create.NewRoom(inLevel_Casted, ptInRoom);

string newRoomName = name;
newRoom.Name = newRoomName;
string newRoomNumber = nr;
newRoom.Number = newRoomNumber;
string newDin = rdin;
newRoom.RaumDIN = newDin;

But I’m unable to set a project parameter (I created) like RoomDIN.

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After you create rooms, you can set Parameter values using “Set Element Parameter” node. Type in parameter name, possibly first row of your excel will be parameter names, and corresponding values, rest of the column.