Create pipe with open curves and closed curve together

hi i want to create a pipe with specific closed curve.
this pipe must be shaped like the curves that i design.
how can i apply center line for the whole geometry and create my pipe on the centerline with the shape of my curves around it?
this is my geometry that i need to piped it with larger diameter with specific shape

I think you probably just want to do a Loft through your curves, a centerline may not really be needed.

Rhinoceros 7.28 - Corporate, build 2023-02-27 - (compiled Feb 27 2023)
SDK Version: 2348836105.2389738701
OpenNURBS Version: 2389738701
3dm Version: 7
Operating System: Windows 10 (10.0.19045 SR0.0) or greater, 64-bit, platform 2, version 10.0 build 19045 sp 0.0, suite 256, product type 1
Runtime: ON::RuntimeEnvironment::Windows 3DM I/O processor: OpenNURBS toolkit version 2389738701 (compiled on Feb 27 2023)


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how can i convert a complex wireframe curve to solid?
because i have open curves and closed curves together.