Create pdf of each layout with name

I’m searching the method to create one pdf of each layout that I have.

I have more than 100 layouts. I need that the PDF have the same name that the layout.

Do yo know any method?


Hi Arhitecto - I guess it may be possible to script something… but I don’t know of any built in tools that will do this.


There is a Layout Manager on Food for Rhino

If it cannot do what you want, I should think they should want to hear about it.

Is there a command that would bring the next layout to the top?
And then you could issue some kind of _Print

Pascal, yes, I think it may be possible to script something, but my knowledge about script are limitated… jeje

Brenda, Yes, I knew this plugin, I use it to create the layouts, but I don’t know how can I print all the layouts in differents pdfs. I can print one pdf with 100 pages.

Thanks for your help!