Create outside surface from lattice structure


i have a problem finding a way to build an outside surface or shell over a lattice structure. (6.0 KB)

i build a lattice structure that looks something like this. random points which are connected with the proximity 3d tool. i am using that so i can limit the amount of cross connections with the radius constraint, which is something i need to do for my actual application.

the shape of the outside shell is actually not that important, it could just include the points, be curved or with sharp edges, but represent the position of points which are on the outside. there should also be no surface cross conections between in the inside (like delaunay mesh or loft does)

i have tried multiple plugins but could not find a way yet, any help would be highly appreciated. thanks!

the final goal would be to put a surface over a structure that looks like this

If you upload the rhinoceros and the grasshopper, more people are going to help you

yes thanks, i attached the gh file.

Look into mesh edits convex hull components

hey, that was a good tip. don’t know how i could oversee works really well and basically does what i need. but it would be nice to be able to customize the difference in which a surface will be created. any idea if there is an option to do that?

I don’t know what what “difference” means in this context. Can you be more specific?

with difference i mean something like a search radius for the convex hull to connect points with surfaces.

the proximity 3D box has input variables for a min and a max search radius to connect points with lines.

my ideal tool would be the convex hull that only connects points within a certain distance. the tool as it is interpolates over points that are in the same plane and ignore inbetween points that are in a lower plane

the first picture shows the prox3d tool and the second one the convex hull. ideal would be to have a surface over the lines represented by the lines of the prox3d

Try @laurent_delrieu’s Alpha Shape 3D.


thanks! amazing tool, but it only works properly for spaces with high point population. otherwise it will fail easily and create open meshes

in order to get it to work for my purpose i built boxes around each point, mesh them, populate the mesh and then let the alpha shape do its magic. with a bit of smoothing i get something like this. which is pretty close to what i had in mind

You can then test shrink wrap on your mesh
You will find many discussion on that on this forum and