Create Loop Cut /multiple extrusions (without bevel)

like i recorded in this video

and a multi extrude function


Hi @d.pfifferling
The loops can be easily made with InsertEdge and setting Type=Ring

As for the multiextrude, it’s there… but not really working as it should IMO. If you select your faces and run ExtrudeSubD you can set Basis=UVN and Direction=N. The faces will now extrude in the normal direction. Unfortunately Rhino - at least the way I understand it - uses the average normal direction of of both the selected AND all the adjacent faces, giving an often skewed result. I really wish Rhino would just use the normal of the selected face(s) only. This has been discussed previously in this thread, and it seems that the (miserable) solution is the crease the vertices of the faces first. Such a cumbersome workaround, and hopefully someone will get aroud to fixing it sooner rather than later - I’m not sure who to tag… @Jussi_Aaltonen maybe?
HTH, Jakob

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Thanks for the request. I linked the existing RH-62032 here too.

hey normand,
the result of edge loops is not quite the same comparing the outcome
in my example you can control the edges way better and you can place them much closer to the edge to it gets sharper. the insert edge tool feels not good

Hi @d.pfifferling
Switch to box-mode (Tab) first (or during the command) - it’ll let you go as close as you want or use the nummerical input (eg. .99). The “safety distance” in soft mode - IIRC- was implemented to avoid users overlapping edges. I very much agree that Rhino should be able to make the corners a little sharper by default in soft mode!

HTH, Jakob