Create Coconut leave weave pattern for 3D printing

Looking to create this weave pattern, then turn it into a solid so it can be sliced and printed.

attached is my attempt, but its far from complete

Please help, thanks!


weaved (33.5 KB)


Have a look at this. (17.8 KB)

@magicteddy Thank you very much, this is definitely the correct pattern … I’m looking to develop something surface based, so I can generate the pattern along a predefined shape…any ideas?

Trim this pattern by a rectangular surface, then Sporph it along your target surface ?

Your GH file doesn’t have internalized geometry so I can’t see your goal surface.

weaved (27.9 KB)

Here’s the internalized data … for now its simply a flat vertical surface, but in the future it could be bigger, smaller wavy or curved.

As long as it’s a single surface, it should work.

weaved surface(1).gh (45.1 KB)

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