Create Cluster Lost Output Data

Hello everyone,

I created a bit of script as picture below:

After I clustered them, the output lost data:

The cluster inside seems to be fine, no loss.
Any idea whats going on there?
I used Anemore and Python plug-ins built-inside.


@DavidRutten any idea?

I don’t know. Never used Anemone n any depth, but if you upload the file I can install the plugin and see if I can replicate the problem.

Hey Rutten,

Thanks for the reply, here is the code. The function is to unify the directions of crvs. (16.3 KB)
crvs.3dm (80.7 KB)

The problem is simply that Anemone loops don’t work inside of clusters. A cluster only solves once. Anemone Fast Loop might work because it outputs only after all iterations are done (I didn’t test this).

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