Connecting trimmed surface to curve


I am trying to connect some surfaces with a group of curves, but cannot figure out how. I have tried creating a surface from the curves,but cannot match them due to trim.

Is there any way I can do this? Thanks.

bridge_3d model_new columns.3dm (5.6 MB)

What is primary, position of the curves or shape of the surface or both ?

I would think that the quickest way would be to make a patch surface for the roads (one for the part in the ‘valley’, one for the ‘parking lot’ at the top and a separate surface for the ‘stairs’) and then fill in with vertical surfaces (walls) between the landscape and the roads:

bridge_3d model_new columns.3dm (5.5 MB)

An alternative would be to make the roads as patches as above and then re-landscape the rest with new patches and using the original landscape as input surfaces for the patch command.

I think if you untrim the one you can connect, also novice yet saw that mentioned here as a reason why they won’t.

Tough to do this cleanly - here is one thing to try -

  1. Rebuild the surface to maybe 20 by 20 points or even more.
  2. Project some points onto the surface, not too near the curves.
  3. DupBorder the surface.
  4. Select all the curves, the duped border and the points and run Patch.
  5. Use the surface as a ‘Starting surface’ (Patch dialog), with Pull set to zero, Delete input checked.
  6. Split the result with your curves.


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