Create a Skin using the Rhino C++ SDK Problem

I am learning to create a skin using the Rhino C++ SDK, through the example SampleSkin ( and I compile and install the example through the guid (

I can compile the example successfully, but when install the custom skin, I find that there is no .rhs file.
So I can’t install the skin like the guid:

To install your custom Skin, use REGEDIT.EXE to add a scheme key to your registry with a path to your Skin DLL. For example:

Item Value
Subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\4.0\Scheme: MySkin
Entry name SkinDLLPath
Data value C:\Src\MySkin\MySkinDLL\Release\MySkinDLL.rhs

So , how can I get the rhs file , or how can I Install the skin without the .rhs file.

Make sure you modify your project do it creates a .RHS file, not a DLL file.

See if this code sample is helpful:

Thank you.
Follow your guid I can get the .RHS file, like file .PNG in the Email attachments.
when Load the plug-in, the result is correct. but when test the custom skin, The skin
stay the same. I install the skin follow the guid

So, can you check the SampleSkin example for rhino 5 , as we see from the above install guid that
the install guid is for rhino4.

the problem has been solved.
I made a mistake when I set the Subkey. The skin dll can .dll file and .rhs file even .rhp file.
I create the shotcut follow the guid