Create 4 to 5 edge mesh or network to recreate the example

Hello fellow Rhino/grasshopper users,

I have a question, im trying to recreate the shape in the picture below. I want to make a script which can have random point input and link them to create a “mesh” where each face has 4 or 5 edges. However, so far i can only create a triangular mesh. everything is fine in 2D because i know how to get the heights and curve into the 2D structure. I have a very messy script however it shows the direction i went. Thanks if somebody has a suggestion to get the 2D shape of the realistic picture below.
Help is appreciated alot :slight_smile:

bowl (34.3 KB)

you’ll find many discussions on this subject, if you search with gouge, chisel, scallop …

I started with some old code but didn’t like it so hacked something new, from scratch. This uses intersecting spheres and requires some fiddling with parameters to avoid holes and short edges. There is no guarantee that each “scallop” will have 4 or 5 edges. (23.2 KB)


Joseph, I have seen you reply to so many posts during the past years and most of what i know about grasshopper is thanks to your contributions! this is the first time i post something because i couldnt find it anywhere, and again its your answer that helps me further! Many thanks man! huge respect to you!

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Thank you.

Looking at the sculpted piece of wood again, it occurs to me now that I could have used random radii for the spheres, within a limited range, the same way I did for ‘MinZ-’ and ‘MaxZ-’. Fun hacking.

FYI, looking for something else, I found this old thing from five years ago:

Hey Joseph, i just read this since i was on holiday for some time. Thank for you this file, looks very interesting! have a good day!