Create 2D triangle with startingPoint, length, point, length, diagonal

Hi Community,
i want to create a 2D triangle with following input:
pick starting point, enter length of curve 1, pick endpoint, enter lenght of curve 2 (so far so easy), (no point to be defined), enter diagonal e voilá - there must be a defined triangle.
I know this tool from Vectorworks, it is very nice to enter measured lenghts of rooms on site - when it must be easy and exact…
Any Ideas?
Thanks in advance…

Is this assuming a right angled triangle?

or does ‘enter diagonal’ mean enter diagonal’s (3rd side) length (sketch left)

or does it mean the start point of the diagonal that is at 90 degrees to curve 1? (sketch right)
How do you define which side of the line is the correct one? Or do you define a point off the curve 1, which sets the direction too?

Hi Barry, thanks alot for your quick reply! I just made a short Video with Vectorworks.

The Input could be the same, not as written above… makes more sense to define side and direction through picking a point. I will use it with my students to check and compete old floorplans. The original plans will be shown as a bitmap

In this case I have to define the side and and the direction. After every Input I can edit the length manually - if the measured dimension should differ. this tool allows also to draw a complete polygon first, then, by adding the diagonals, the whole geometry will be corrected.