Creat 3D model form nesting drawing


I have nesting drawing for a boat. Can someone please tell me how do I create a 3D hull model from this flattened drawing? As shown below. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

1754V-1300-HULLPORT (1).dwg (15.0 KB)

the curve is jigged on several places and needs to be rebuild or at least repaired. after that you can probably bend it to match the volume. you may have to add a few points and use a relocated gumball on the corners. but its not clear where the bottom of the hull ends, in the image below it rather looks like it has some extra flow. so even with “successfully” puzzling it together it might not be exact, at least not from what i am capable seeing here. you still would need a width because the lines to not match visually with the bottom surfaces which look like they where made in rhino already. is that your attempt?

if you have a chance to get the original file or some sections that might be maybe more helpful.