_CreaseSplitting option not work on extrusion.

simply explode the extrusion to convert it to a surface then try crease splitting again.

Kyle, sorry for my previous wordless description, but i mean _CreaseSplitting option _disable** is shortcoming while not work ! (At least not like before )

Hi eddi - you’ll need to set UseExtrusion to output polysurfaces rather than extrusion objects.


@pascal What do you mean with set UseExtrusion
Rhino options > advanced > set Rhino.Options.General.UseExtrusions …False or True ???

Thanks Pascal
Aha ok found Rhino.Options.General.UseExtrusions …False
I am just wondering, what is exact the difference between an Rhino extrusion object and a polysurface ?

Hello - see Lightweight Extrusion Objects [McNeel Wiki]