Crashing with Move UVN Command


Often when sculpting surfaces using Move UVN, Rhino crashes. So when I select CVs then use the sliders or nudge buttons in the Move UVN palette, it just crashes out!

This has happened to me for a while now on many files when using this workflow.

Any ideas?


Hi Sach - here as well, occasionally, and so far we have not pinned it down. I have not seen this in quite some time, myself, and assumed it had been fixed - I guess you are seeing it in the current builds…

@tim - do I remember right that we could not ever get this to happen when we wanted to?


Hi Pascal – Yes it’s happening in the current builds and I also think I remember it happening in v5…

Hi Sach,

Do you get the opportunity to send in a crash report when it occurs? If yes, are you sending them in?

I did do some work on this, mainly null pointer checks (, but it was hard to determine if any of the fixes made a difference because it was hard to get a consistent crash.


I do not recall this in V5 at all, myself. We changed the underlying ‘guts’ of many dialogs in V6 and I think MoveUVN was one of the very first ones to get the treatment.


@tim – Sorry I don’t normally send them but yesterday I pressed send report when it happened once. Not sure if it got to you!
I’ll send them from now on.

@pascal – I’m not 100% sure, but just remember I’ve encountered this issue a while back when I was using v5.

It’s just happened to me for the first time ever! Crash report sent in…


It happens to me around 8 - 10 times a day at the moment… I think particularly when selecting multiple points to move with MoveUVN.


Hi Sach - are you clicking, or moving the sliders, or does it make any difference? Which ones, or does it make any difference?



Hi Pascal

I think it’s in both cases…


OK- thanks, I’ll keep trying to reproduce it…

@sach - do you find this happens in complex files more than simple ones? And, what display mode do you use, generally - a shaded one, when you adjust the surface points? Thanks,


Hi @pascal

I get the feeling it’s more when in shaded mode, but quite certain it happens in wireframe also.

I don’t think these are particularly complex files. The forms are complex but the surfaces are quite simple in structure - mostly single span with minimal cvs. File size on this on the current model is approx. 3 - 4mb including render mesh.



My crash also happened on single spans.

Odd thing is, when I re-opened the crash-dump file and continued with the exact same operation it was fine.

Can’t remember the display mode, probably wireframe for me.

Yeah, this is what I’ve found as well. I have not been able to get this crash in some time though.


Happened again. Not using sliders but using the buttons. Single span surface, moving some points out in the normal direction. Report sent just now.

Damn, and again!

…and again…

@mcvltd, @sach, all - it looks like there is hope for this one, looking at the bug report above, it looks like Mikko has been on the case. It’s not ready for testing yet, but there’s hope…


Thanks @pascal

Go Mikko, go!!

That’s good news!