Crashes after using keyboard shortcuts while the object Name text field is active

I name all of the objects I model in the Properties: Objects panel using the Name field. Makes life easier when importing the finished model into my rendering software. Rhino crashes every time I use a keyboard shortcut after having changed the name of an object, but only before clicking out of the text field. Basically, isn’t that Rhino crashes because I’ve renamed something; it crashes because the text in that field is either highlighted or has a blinking text cursor in it.

As an example, if I selected a number of identical objects, rename them, press enter to commit the name, then use Command-G to group them while forgetting to click elsewhere to remove focus from the text field, Rhino will crash. Every time.

It did this in Rhino 6 and still does this in Rhino 7.

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020)
macOS Catalina, version 10.15.7
Rhino Version 7 (7.2.21012.11002, 2021-01-12)

Yes, I can repeat the crash with those instructions.

Am I able to get access to YouTrack? I am curious to follow the progress of this, but when I click “Watch Issue”, it requires me to log in. When I try to create an account to log in, it tells me “You have reached the user limit for your license”, but I’ve never had a YouTrack account.

As far as I know, anyone with a Rhino login account can post to the forum and view YouTrack tickets that are not restricted.

That said, there nothing to see yet.
The ticket has the steps needed to repeat it.
It’s currently “Submitted” which means the developer has not yet looked at it.
When they do, they will mark it as “Open”, “Next up”, or “In progress”.

Hi Will -

I’m told that there is nothing we can do about that. Sorry.
When that particular issue is fixed, this thread should be notified. Since you started this thread, you should then automatically also get a personal notification.