Cplane tangent to two surfaces?

curious if there is a way to create a cplane tan tan to two surfaces? like this?

i know how to do it with transforms using math but it’d be cool if i could select the green ploysurfaces and it would give me a plane tan tan to both of them. in this example there would be two possible results but that could be done with a “flip” or something in the command.

t hought it might round out the set cplane abilities.

Hmm, not sure you can always make a plane that is tangent to two surfaces - or even curves/lines - if they are not planar and parallel.

you can do it in solidworks, that’s where i got the idea from, so computationally it must be possible?

Dunno, maybe I’m missing something - show me how to make a plane tangent to these two surfaces…2Cyls.3dm (359.6 KB)

Hm - I don’t see how off hand for any two surfaces, they’d need to be pretty special to find a plane it seems to me and my three remaining brain cells.


good point. :wink: see, this is why you guys got the big brains. lol