Making 1) curved surfaces flat and 2) flat surfaces parallel

Hi there everyone,

For a faceted design, I would like to make model consisting of triangular surfaces, as well as flat (planar) rectangular surfaces. However, I haven’t been able to figure out how to make surfaces flat again after modifying them. So:

  1. How can I make a curved surface flat with a single command? There must be a command that makes the fourth point snap to a position that makes the surface flat/planar.

  2. How can I make two flat surfaces, that are connected, parallel to each other? So the edges that connect stay at the same position and one of the surfaces basically rotates around that edge until it is parallel to the other.

I hope my questions are clear!

Hi Wybo - SetPt (say in Z only) or ProjectToCplane will help for #1, possibly with a custom CPlane in place; for #2, if you can post an example file, that would help in understanding exactly what you need to do.


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Thank you for your reply pascal

Your CPlane suggest works! It might actually be the simplest way possible. It seems strange to change the whole coordinate system just to rotate a polygon, but it does the job! Thanks :smiley:

3 Point CPlane works for both secnarios I described! I was about to update my question with a visual, so I will do that anyway. If anybody else has other suggestions I am still very interested. I’m sure there are other smart ways to do this.

Below is a python script that will “flatten” surfaces to a “best-fit” plane.

HTH, --Mitch (4.6 KB)