Setting cplane to object throws plane out in space?

been like this for awhile and it’s starting to bug me.

sometimes when i set a sub selected polysurface face as an object cplane it sometimes throws the cplane in space and not in the center of the surface. any ideas why this happens? is it a bug?

2020-09-03 09_22_55-Window

“Set CPlane to object” uses the center UV point of selected surface, but you have to consider that if your surface is trimmed you might are looking only at a portion of a big surface:

To bypass this situations, you can do:

  • ShrinkTrimmedSrf or ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge
  • Set CPlane to object
  • Undo , to recover the original model before shrinking…

ahhh, thank you for the explanation. guess it’s not a bug then.