Could i use Rhino6 if i upgrade license to Rhino7

As the topic saying. Could i still use rhino6 if i update my cloud-license to rhino7

Yes. You would still own one single computer license.
You can run V6 and V7 on the same computer at the same time.
You can run V6 or V7 on different computers.

I would be interested to know why you would want to use Rhino 6 if you update to Rhino 7.

  1. I using Rhino6 on a linux machine and at the moment im not able to run Rhino7 on it. On a other machine i am using windows10, so there would no problem using Version7.
  2. I have many self written plugins and since im just a spare time programmer i need more time to port them to Rhino7 (in the beta some of them have crashed)

In order to get Rhino 7 setup to match things you liked in Rhino 6. Like the Command window font. Still cannot get Visual Studio to use Rhino 7 when debugging my Python/C++ scripts. So I still need to use Rhino 6. Really like 7 speedup for reading texture .jpg files so I want to stay in my new 7.

You shouldn’t have to port anything as the V7 SDK should be able to load V6 plug-ins. If you are experiencing differences between versions with your plugin, we would love to hear about them so we can try to fix them.