Will the plugin developed with Rhino 7 works for Rhino 6

Some of our customers are using Rhino 6 now, but we made our plugin based on Rhino 7. We had three questions that need your experts input.

  1. Will the plugin developed on Rhino 7 works for Rhino 6 either
  2. How can we download and trial Rhino 6 to test the plugin, any link, please
  3. Is there any cost for our customers to upgrade from Rhino 6 to Rhino 7

Thanks a lot!

Hi Robin,

  1. Rhino 7 was developed to not break Rhino 6 plugins. If run into an issue please reach out via the dev forum category.
  2. Trials are only for Rhino 7, when upgrading the previous license is still valid to use. You can also request a legacy key here if you have a Rhino 7 license. Rhino - Access Rhino 6
  3. Upgrades to a Edu or Commercial license information can be found here. Rhino - Buy - Rhinoceros

Got it, Thanks Japhy!

We don’t have commericial Rhino 7 license, any way that we can trial Rhino 6? Thanks Japhy!

Hi Robin -

I notice that you are asking about the other way around. No, it’s not guaranteed that plug-ins that you developed based on Rhino 7 will work for Rhino 6. I’d have to ask a developer but I’d say that it’s pretty much guaranteed that it will not work.

Please contact sales@mcneel.com and explain your situation.

Got it, Thanks Wim!